What Are The Basics of the City's Recycling Program?

Location and Hours of the Recycling Center

The Crow Lane Recycling Center is the first gated left after the Bashaw Farm Development at #23 Crow Lane, off Low Street, at the intersection of North Atkinson.

  • Open the first Saturday of every month, 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon, except holidays, when it opens the second Saturday of the month .
  • A recycling and trash pick-up calendar is included the Health Dept. Guidelines that is mailed to all residents and businesses in June. Retain the calendar for year-round reference.
  • We accept recyclable items that are not included in curbside recycling pick-up, including some hazardous waste.
  • Certain items carry fees, subject to change.
  • Can’t find your item listed? See Hard to Dispose of Items.


All residents and businesses are required to separate recyclable material from trash according to the City’s Health and Sanitation Ordinance, Chapter 8, Article III, Division 1.


Recycle Right and the Dirty Dozen.  These 12 items can not go into your recycling barrel:

No plastic bags or film/wrap plastics

No food or food soiled paper

No hangers/wires

No electronics or batteries

No textiles/clothing

No syringes/needles

No garden hoses

No glassware/windows/light bulbs except those from food packing jars or bottles.

No snack bags or wrappers

No Styrofoam or polystyrene 

No household hazardous waste

No diapers 


Trash Reminders

Keep all trash in bags even if it is in a barrel 

No construction debris

No electronics

No metals

No tires

No textiles unless wet or moldy

No oil based paint or household hazardous waste