Veteran's Services

Veterans: "No other group in America is more deserving of assistance toward an improved quality of life; they are the ones who secured such a life for the rest of us."
Derek Hines/Jordan Shay Veterans District 

  • The Veterans Service Officer aids and assists veterans and their dependents under Mass. General Law Chapter 115.
  • The Service Officer performs varied duties including disbursing and administering a program of cash benefits, medical care, and all other assistance services. The Service Officer also manages and participates in the administration of various other veteran's benefits to eligible veterans and their dependents, including but not limited to annuities, bonuses, license plates and flags for veterans graves.
  • The Service Officer also dispenses forms and applications for the United States Veterans Administration including service and non-service connected pensions, disability compensation, hospitalization, long-term care, outpatient treatment, education, loan guarantee forms, grave markers and other benefits available under federal laws.
  • The Service Officer also acts as the burial agent for the City. If a veteran or an adult dependent of a veteran dies and does not have sufficient means to cover the funeral costs, a special allowance will be given. The service officer collects and submits to the Department of Veterans Services, the forms for reimbursement to the Towns or Cities for benefits given to veterans of the City.
  • Veterans can enroll for benefits with the Veterans Administration Health Care Program. One of the benefits is low cost prescription medicine, $2.00 for a 30-day supply, on most prescription drugs.
  • Call the V.A. Clinic at the Hale Hospital in Haverhill for more information: (978) 372-5207.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kevin Hunt Director (978) 462-2201
Jeremiah Murphy Assistant Director (978) 388-8136