Planning & Development

The Office of Planning and Development is the City's chief planning and development agency. The overall goal of the Office is to enhance Newburyport's physical environment and improve the quality of life for all who live, work, and visit in Newburyport. The Planning Office helps to translate into action the goals, objectives and vision for Newburyport as articulated by its residents and their elected and appointed Officials. Planning Office staff seeks community input and ideas in order to identify and reflect common goals, and advise elected and appointed officials. Office staff develops plans, policies, and projects to guide our City's physical and economic development, affordable housing, historic preservation, and environmental conservation. The Office works to solve problems, and create new places and opportunities for people to come together and enjoy our special community.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Andy Port Planning Director (978) 465-4400 ext. 1
Greg Jones Project Manager (978) 465-4400 ext. 2
Kate Newhall-Smith Planner (978) 465-4400 ext. 3
Dianne Boisvert Administrative Assistant (978) 465-4400 ext. 4
Jennifer Blanchet Zoning Administrator & Enforcement Officer (978) 465-4400 ext. 5
Julia Godtfredsen Conservation Administrator (978) 465-4400 ext. 6