City Council

City Council meetings are held at City Hall in the City Council Chamber. Further meeting details are posted on the City Council calender. Meetings are broadcast live on local access channel 9. Recordings are available online at or by zoom recording located on the meeting post.  City Councillors may be reached individually by their contact information below, or as a group at: 

Council Members

Name Title
Afroz K. Khan Councillor At-Large
Bruce L. Vogel Councillor At-Large
Christine E. Wallace Ward 4 Councillor
Byron J. Lane Ward 6 Councillor
Jennie L. Donahue Ward 2 Councillor
Edward C. Cameron Jr. Councillor At-Large
Constance Preston Councillor At-Large
Mark R. Wright Councillor At-Large
Sharif I. Zeid Ward 1 Councillor
James J. McCauley Ward 5 Councillor
Heather Shand, City Council President Ward 3 Councillor