Licenses & Permits

The Committee on Licenses and Permits shall evaluate and make recommendations on all applications for licenses and permits that come under the jurisdiction of the city council. This includes but not limited to road races, block parties and applications for festivals utilizing city streets or areas under the jurisdiction of the city council.
Currently In Committee:
  • APPL00189 Flag Day 5K Saturday, June 15th 12pm-8pm Cashman Park
  • APPL00193 Ride to End ALZ Saturday, June 1st  8-11am
  • APPL00194 Pride Parade Saturday, June 1st 11am-4pm Barlett Mall up Brown Square
  • APPL00195 Olive's Maker's Market Saturday, July 20th  9am-1pm High St.
  • APPL00196 Block Party Howard St. between Forrester St. & Chapel St. Tuesday, June 18th (last day of school) 10am-6pm
  • APPL00197 Lions Yankee Homecoming 10M & 5K Tuesday, July 30th 6-8:30pm
  • APPL00198 Lions Bed Race Thursday, August 1st 5-8pm  

Board Members

Name Title
Byron J. Lane Committee Member
Mark R. Wright Chair
James J. McCauley Committee Member