MeVa Transit Bus Routes

Newburyport is fortunate to have both fixed route and specialty bus service through MeVa Transit. MeVa is an active transportation partner for the City and is consistently looking at how to better serve residents, employees, and visitors across the Merrimack Valley. 

All MeVa services are currently fare free. The fixed route services operate on a flag service, meaning you can board and depart the bus anywhere on the route where it is safe. The buses have timed arrival and departure points as well which can be found on their schedules. 

Fixed Route Service
Newburyport has two routes which both serve Downtown Newburyport, the MBTA Commuter Rail Station, and connection points with other fixed routes. The buses run MOnday through Saturday and as stated above, are fare free. 

Number 19: This route runs from Costello Station in Amesbury to the MBTA Commuter Rail Station in Newburyport and Downtown Newburyport. It makes stops at Carriagetown Marketplace in Amesbury, Market Basket Plaza in Newburyport, Anna Jaques Hospital, the Tannery and Downtown Newburyport, the Newburyport Public Library, and the MBTA Station, among other destinations. The Number 19 also connects with the Route 17 in Amesbury, offering service to Haverhill and other destinations. Please note that the Number 19 will be updating its schedule on April 8th, and the new route can be found here. Up to date route information, including maps and schedules, can be found here.  

Number 20: This route runs from the MBTA Commuter Rail Station in Newburyport to Salisbury Beach. It serves destinations including the Newburyport Industrial Park, Downtown Newburyport, the Public Library, Salisbury Center, and others. It also connects with the Route 17 to Amesbury and Haverhill at Salisbury Beach. You can find up to date route information here.   

MiniMeVa Service
MeVa also provides direct door-to-door service for seniors (60+ years old) and people with disabilities through its smaller mini MeVa shuttles. This is a free, shared ride service that requires advanced reservation, typically 1-2 days in advance. Service is available Monday through Saturday. Medi-MeVa transportation service is also available for registered mini MeVa customers providing transportation service from the MeVa service area to the Lahey Clinic in Peabody, and to the major hospitals in Boston for their medical appointments.

To sign up for this service, please follow this link. Please contact the City or MeVa if you are having trouble accessing these services.