Recreation and Youth Services

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Our Mission

The Recreation and Youth Services Department is tasked with running high quality recreational activities for Newburyporters of all ages, engaging youth in positive activities outside the school day, and meeting underlying needs of children and families through effective 
community services. 

Our mission is to create quality programming and events for our city in safe and supportive environments that encourage growth, self exploration and empowerment. The department also acts as an advocate for the youth, so that their ideas, concerns and needs are heard and addressed by the community of Newburyport.

  • Recreation & Enrichment: Serves Children (ages Infant- school age), Adults (18+), and Families (also includes Therapeutic Rec initiatives)
  • Youth Programs: Serves young people in grades 6-12
  • Services and Supports: Provides family supports, youth empowerment, prevention initiatives, BEACON Coalition and ECAB


Staff Contacts


Director of Youth Services and Recreation

Associate Director of Recreation

Associate Director, Youth Center

Associate Director, Services and Supports

Admin/Business Manager

Supports Coordinator (LSW)

Program Coordinator, NLEC

Emma Quateman

Activity Coordinator- Recreation Programs

Meghan Meagher

Activity Coordinator- Youth Programs

Renee Miciek