What Do I Do With....?

Hard to Dispose of Items and Where to Bring Them

Appliances – Bring to Colby Farm Lane (formerly Crow Lane) Recycling Center (first Saturday of each month from 8 am -12 pm) (fees apply) or Nichol’s Scrap Metal, Amesbury 978-388-6939 (See directions).

Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, De-humidifiers – all contain Freon.  For pick-up call refrigeration company for removal, like Foucault Appliance 978-372-6117, or bring to Recycling Center. Fees apply.

Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Clean Fill – Miles River 978-356-2290

Books – Donate to Newburyport Public Library for book sales 978-465-4428 or go to local used book store like for credit. If not able to donate then take to book dumpster at Kent Street Playground.

Cardboard – Large amounts to Recycling Center, bundle small amount to put out for curbside recycling.

Carpets and rugs – Purchase $5 bulk sticker at in Health Dept; good for one rooms worth. One bulk item per week. Roll/Fold to 4 feet wide or cut into sq. sections. Put out on regular trash day with sticker affixed.

Cell Phones and Ink Jet Cartridges – Bring to Recycling Center or Health Dept in City Hall

Computers and Laptop – Bring to the recycling center

Confidential Material – Save for Shredding Days.  First Saturday in May at Recycling Center and Household Hazardous Waste Day in September at DPS 16A Perry Way.

Construction Material – Not accepted at the curb. contact Mello Disposal 978-352-8581

Fluorescent Light Bulbs – Bring to Recycling Center first Saturday of the month event.

Furniture (non-metal) – Purchase $5 bulk sticker at City Hall Health Dept.; one bulk item per week. Put out on trash day with sticker affixed.  No large wood objects like picnic tables unless broken down.

Gas Grills – Remove propane tank, briquettes or rocks. Bring to Recycling Center or Nichol’s Scrap Metal in Amesbury 978-388-9638

Gasoline – Bring to Household Hazardous Waste Day.

Gutters – Bring aluminum gutters to Recycling Center on first Saturday of  the month form 8am-12pm. or Nichol’s Scrap Metal 978-388-9639. Bring wooden gutters to Mello Disposal 978-352-858

Helium Tanks – Bring to Recycling Center first Saturday of the month, fee $3.

Latex Paints – Remove lids, dry out paint, put lidless into trash. Use kitty litter for fast drying.

Lumber – Mello Disposal 978-352-8581

Mattress and Box Spring – call 978-499-0413 for mattress program information.

Mercury Thermometers – Bring to Recycling Center first Saturday of the month or City Hall Health Dept.  Trade it in for a digital one.

Metal Goods – Appliances, bikes, water heaters, mowers, grills, etc.  Bring to Recycling Center first Saturday of the month or Nichol’s Scrap Metal 978-388-9639

Microwaves – Bring to Recycling Center first Saturday of the month.  Fee applies.

Needles/Sharps – Needles, syringes and lancets may not be thrown in the trash or recycling bins. Must be placed in a rigid, puncture resistant, sealed, leak proof container and brought to one of the sharps collection kiosks at City Hall in the Health Department or to the Greenleaf Fire Station (24 hours).  

Oil Paint – Bring to Household Hazardous Waste Day.  Fee is $3 per gallon.

Plastic Bags - Bring to grocery store containers in front of store.  Do not put in recycling cart.

Prescription Drugs and Medication – Bring any unused or old prescription medications to the front lobby container at the Newburyport Police Station on Green Street, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. More Information.

Propane Tanks – Bring empty tanks to Recycling Center first Saturday of the month from 8 am -12 pm.

Recyclables – Large quantities of recyclable containers and newspapers may be brought to Mello Disposal 978-352-8581.

Solvents, Chemicals, Pesticides, etc – Bring to Household Hazardous Waste Day.

Styrofoam peanuts – Bring clean and bagged to Pak Mail, 25 Storey Avenue, Newburyport.

Textiles – Leave clothing, shoes, blankets, stuffed animals, etc. in white recycling bins at Nock Middle School on Low Street, Bresnanhan School on N. Atkinson or at Compost Facility off COlby Farm Lane (formerly Crow Lane).

Tires – Bring to Recycling Center.  Fee is $3.

Used Motor Oil – Bring to Recycling Center. No Fee.

Windows – Mello Disposal 978-352-8581

Wooden Items – Large wooden items like picnic tables or furniture not accepted at the curb unless broken down . Call Mello Disposal 978-352-8581