Bulk Item & Mattress Recycling Program

How to Dispose of  Bulk Items, Mattresses & Box Springs

For Bulk Items: if you can not donate it or recycle it, then purchase a bulk sticker here

For Mattresses & Boxsprings:


Donate It:  

If it’s clean, has no rips or stains, and is usable, you may drop it off at The Wish Project, in Lowell. Call 978-441-9474 or post it for giveaway.*

Offer for free on


If Option 1 won’t work, mattresses can be picked up to be recycled by a non-profit called UTEC. At-risk teens are employed deconstructing the mattresses and box springs.

A mattress or box spring can be recycled for $30. 

You can put your mattresses and/or box springs at the curb by registering at the Health Department in the basement of City Hall. You may pay the $20 (after July 1st, 2023: $30) fee (per item) with cash or by check. The UTEC truck comes to Newburyport about once a month.

NOTE: Mattresses set outdoors should be as protected from the rain as much as possible, but can be somewhat wet.

Or, make arrangements to drop the items at the Recycling Center on Colby Farm Lane. First, call the City Health Department at 978-465-4410. We will set a time to meet you at the Recycling Center where there is a covered container to store mattresses to be recycled. The fee is $20 (after July 1st, 2023: $30) per piece. You may pay with cash or check.