Nine Guidelines

  1. Enclose material en route to the compost facility so it does not fall out onto city streets.
  2. Remove your trash, stones, bricks, formed wood, string, tape, twine, plastic, metal, rags, manure, dog bones, dog waste and horse bedding. These items are not accepted anywhere at the Compost Facility. See Hard to Dispose of Items.
  3. Yard waste must be separated by residents for recycling into compost or wood chips as follows:

Wood Chipper Pile
Vines, shrubs and tree trimmings, twigs, branches and logs under 18” diameter go to the   wood chipper pile. Only small stumps, completely free of dirt are accepted. No large stumps unless cut to less than 18” in diameter and free of dirt.

Compost Pile
Plant material, stalks, loose leaves, mulch, loose pine needles, acorns, pinecones, fallen fruit, pumpkins, planter contents, and grass clippings go into the compost pile.

On The Berm
Small amounts of dirt or sod are permitted only if placed on the berm behind the piles.

4. Please keep your dirt, mulch, plant material, sawdust and bags out of the wood chipper pile. This material can cause the wood pile to be rejected for recycling.

5. Please keep your branches and twigs out of the compost pile.  They can be a fire hazard.

6. Grass clippings are discouraged at the Compost Facility.  Your lawn benefits from recycled grass clippings left directly on the lawn, mowed over twice if they are very long. See Don’t Trash Grass!

7. Closed bags may be opened with a box cutter and barrels may be opened and material inspected. Material can be rejected or you may be monitored as you deposit your material.

8. The City of Newburyport reserves the right to revoke your compost facility privileges.

9. Illegal dumping carries a $100 fine. Please follow these guidelines.