Tree Commission

Tree maintenance and removal issues are handled through the Department of Public Services Highway Division

Call (978) 465-4464 ext 1701 or

Mission Statement

Commission Established: To advance the City of Newburyport’s stewardship of trees and their ecology the City hereby establishes a Tree Commission to aid in carrying out the provisions of this ordinance. The mission of the Commission is to select, plant, protect, maintain, plan for and increase the health, beauty, quantity, diversity and vitality of Newburyport’s trees. The Tree Commission shall be a volunteer group whose members are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council for the following purposes:

1.      Advising the Tree Warden and other City officials with respect to the adoption and amendment of plans, programs and regulations pertaining to the protection of Public Trees in the City, including the City Tree Plan and Tree Regulations;

2.      Monitoring the health and protection of Public Trees, creating and updating inventories of such trees;

3.      Identifying issues relative to the health and protection of Public Trees and recommending solutions to problems identified;

4.      Advising the Tree Warden and other City officials with respect to the planting and replacement of Public Trees and on tree-related issues;

5.      Seeking grants and conducting fundraising to assist the Commission’s mission, such funds to be deposited into the Tree Fund;

6.      Promoting knowledge and awareness of the benefits of trees and their impact on the quality of life in Newburyport.

7.      Actively design, select, plant and maintain the tree ecology of Newburyport in coordination with the Tree Warden and City Tree Plan.


The Tree Commission meets at 6. p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of every month. All are welcome. Meetings are currently held remotely.  Links will be available on the City calender fro each meeting until we        resume meeting in person at DPS 16a Perry Way.  

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jamie Tuccolo Tree Warden - DPS Deputy Director (978) 465-4464

Board Members

Name Title
Sue Brown Commissioner
Sheila Taintor Chair
Paul Knowlton Commissioner
Marcia Edson Secretary
Scott Hanley Commissioner
Paul Harrington Commissioner - Alternate
Marilyn Cohodas Commissioner