Building Department

The New 9th Edition Amendments to the 2015 ICC codes are in full force and effect.
Permits issued prior to 1/2/2018 under the 8th Edition/2009 ICC codes will complete in that code cycle.
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Building / Inspectional Services Department provides public safety through the enforcement of the:

  • State Building Code (780 CMR)
  • Architectural Access Regulations (521 CMR)
  • Sheet Metal Workers Law (271 CMR)
  • State Electrical Code (527 CMR)
  • State Plumbing and Gas Fitters Code (248 CMR)
  • The City of Newburyport Code of Ordinances
  • Issues permits and performs inspections for all alterations and repairs, new buildings, accessory buildings, additions, temporary structures and demolition of buildings.
  • Issues certificate of occupancy permits.
  • Performs public safety inspections and issues certificates for all places of assembly, education and multi-family dwellings. See complete list at 780 CMR Table 110

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Bob Armstrong Interim Building Commissioner (978) 465-4405
Barbara A. Pulaski Administrative Assistant (978) 465-4405
Phil Stern Inspectional Services Clerk (978) 465-4405