Animal Control - Regional Services

The Newburyport Animal Control Officer serves as a public safety officer for the City of Newburyport.  The ACO enforces local and state laws concerning animals, provides for stray, sick and injured animals in the City's custody, and protects the public from free roaming dogs and sick wildlife.

Beginning Friday, November 1, 2013, the Newburyport Animal Control Office will be providing animal control and animal shelter services to the Town of West Newbury. This joint provision of services is a one-year pilot program approved by the Newburyport City Council and West Newbury Board of Selectman. This arrangement may be extended for an additional two years. Many months of planning have gone into this regionalization effort and both communities are looking forward to the benefits of this partnership.  West Newbury residents can contact the Newburyport Health Department or West Newbury Police Department to ensure prompt response and service delivery. As always, Newburyport residents can contact either the Newburyport Police Department or Health Department will any issues or concerns.


Appointed by the Mayor, the Animal Control Officer (ACO) works under the supervision of the Director of Health. The ACO is a special police officer with training in firearms, criminal justice, CPR, first aid, and animal first aid.

All residents are encourgaed to call or stop into the Health Department to report animal related issues, emergencies during office hours for the ACO, and to file complaints and incident reports. The Board of Health Office is located in the basement of Newburyport City Hall.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Scott Purdie Regional Animal Control Officer (978) 465-4410
Marianne Gauthier Assistant Animal Control Officer 978-465-4410
Kayla Provencher Assistant Animal Control Officer 978-465-4410