Off-Leash Dog Parks



Exclusion AreasHours
Cashman ParkPlayground, Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Baseball Field, Soccer Field, Walkways

7:30AM - 9:00AM

4:00PM - 7:00PM

Moseley WoodsPlayground, Pavilion, Picnic Areas

Dawn to Dusk

March's Hill

Basketball Court

*No off-leash dogs permitted at times when children are sledding.

Dawn to Dusk

dog                               dog

Pursuant to the Newburyport Code of Ordinances Chapter 3: Animals, Section 3-26(e), the following rules apply to the use of designated off-leash areas (NOTE: owner is defined as the person or persons with direct care, custody, and control fo a dog while in a designated off-leash area):

(1) Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated as required by applicable law and ordinance (this is the case for both leashed and off leash dogs) and have no contagious conditions, diseases or parasites.
(2) Dogs must be leashed when entering and when exiting a designated off-leash area.
(3) Dogs with a history of dangerous or aggressive behavior, e.g. history of dog fights or aggression toward people as determined by the Animal Control Officer, are prohibited from designated off-leash areas during designated off-leash times.
(4) Dogs younger than (4) months of age are not allowed off leash as all inoculations are incomplete at this age.
(5) Intact unleashed male dogs must be supervised closely and immediately removed or leashed if interfering with other dogs.
(6) Female dogs in season/heat are not allowed off leash in designated off leash areas.
(7) Owners must immediately remove from designated off leash areas dogs who are exhibiting aggressive behavior towards people, other dogs or wildlife.
(8) While in designated off leash areas, owners must remain with and monitor their dogs.
(9) Owners must carry a leash, one leash per dog is required.
(10) Owners must have in their possession an adequate number of bags, or other appropriate device, e.g. a pooper scooper, in their possession for removal of their dogs' waste.
(11) Owners must clean up after their dogs, owners who fail to do so are subject to fine in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances. This is the case for both leashed and off leash dogs.
(12) No digging is allowed. Owners must fill in any holes dug by their dogs.
(13) No owner shall have more than two (2) unleashed dogs in a designated off leash area at any one time.
(14) Off leash dogs are not allowed in playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts and athletic fields.
(15) Owners in violation of above rules shall be subject to a fine of fifty dollars ($50.00).
(16) Owners must leash their dog(s) upon any direction or command of a police officer or animal control officer; and any refusal shall constitute a fifty-dollar violation per rule (15).
(17) Owners must muzzle dogs that exhibit dangerous or aggressive behavior; biting, fighting, and excessive barking are not allowed.
(18) Unattended dogs are not allowed in the off leash areas.

If an emergency situation occurs, please contact the Animal Control Officer or the Newburyport Police Department.

Please be aware of the park rules and considerate of other park users while using the off-leash areas. Be advised that these areas are monitored on a daily basis to ensure compliance of these rules. Residents with further questions regarding the off-leash dog parks may contact the Newburyport Health Department at (978) 465-4410.