Open Space Committee

The Newburyport Open Space Committee (OSC) was established in April 2001 as an advisory committee to the Mayor pursuant to the Master Plan. The OSC is charged generally with advocating for the protection of open space and specifically to monitor opportunities for open space acquisition. Open space is defined broadly to include natural resources and wildlife habitats, scenic landscapes, agricultural lands and working landscapes, recreation resources, public access water resources, and supplies and buffers to existing protected lands.

Tasks involved in carrying out this charge include identifying and evaluating parcels, gaining knowledge about available tools and strategies for open space acquisition and protection, researching funding options, cultivating relationships with landowners, and crafting public education and outreach all in an effort to make timely and informed recommendations to the Mayor and organize campaigns for the protection of open spaces.

Board Members

Name Title
Mike Dissette Chair
Elizabeth Marcus Member
Erin Moon LaRosa Member
Lauren Healey Member