Public Works & Safety

The Committee on Public Works & Safety shall be concerned with all the activities in the police department, fire department, the harbor commission and harbormaster, the animal control officer, the parking clerk, and public parking and traffic needs and regulations. The committee reviews matters and activities related to the Department of Public Services, including the Water and Sewer Division and its Commission; and the Highway Division including the engineering department and will include such tasks as but not limited to: street acceptance, layout, construction, repair and maintenance; relocation and discontinuance of public ways; sidewalk placement, repairs and street tree placement, street lighting; snow and ice removal plans, municipal lighting, street sweeping, and city cemeteries; water and sewer services including replacement and construction within or under the public way; storm drains; and requests from public utilities for easements and poles.
Currently In Committee:
  • COMM00412 Ltr Ann Jaroncyk re: Traffic Safety
  • COMM00459 Ltr. Residents concerned with speeding on Arlington St.
  • COMM00462 Ltr. From Kathleen O'Connor Ives re: drinking water concerns
  • COMM00479 Ward 4 Street Sidewalk Traffic Safety Priorities
  • COMM00482 Constructions projects at the Central Waterfront
  • COMM00505 Ltr from Kristen Hunter re Merrimac St. traffic safety progress
  • ODNC00103 Streets, Sidewalks, and Other Public Places Alterations & Maintenance
  • ODNC00152 Amend Ch 13-181 Municipal Parking Facilities (COTW)
  • ORDR00449 Approving Shared Streets Grant, High Street Traffic Calming

Board Members

Name Title
Christine E. Wallace Chair
Jennie L. Donahue Committee Member
James J. McCauley Committee Member