Waterfront West

Waterfront West Overlay District (WWOD)
Zoning Change & Master Development Plan
Proposed by New England Development (NED)
Waterfront West locus map
The following documents have been submitted to the City of Newburyport for review in relation to the proposed development plans for the “Waterfront West” area of Downtown Newburyport. These materials (and the associated zoning change) will be reviewed by the Newburyport City Council and Planning Board in both informal discussions and public hearings. It is anticipated that discussions related to the requested zoning change will take at least several months to complete.  Additional information, including new documents and related public meetings will posted on this page in the coming months.
November 2022 Update: Mayor Reardon is currently working with a number of stakeholders as part of a Mayor's Advisory Group on Waterfront West. The group includes City Councillors Sharif Zeid (Ward 1, Chair Budget and Finance), Heather Shand (Ward 3 and City Council President) and Ed Cameron (At-Large, Planning and Development Chair). The group also includes Jane Healy as Resiliency Committee Chair and Bonnie Sontag as Chair of the Planning Board and resident Andrew Shapiro, a planning director from a nearby municipality. The final members are three City staff member, who are Andrew Levine (Chief of Staff), Kim Turner (Manager of Special Projects), and Andy Port (Director of Planning and Development). The group has been meeting periodically since March and is aiming to  gain consensus around necessary items that would be included in any update to the zoning or development agreement with New England Development. Any zoning changes will be brought to the Planning Board and City Council, and there will be room for public input as a part of this process. 
March 23, 2017:  

Fiscal Impact Analysis

May 4, 2017:
June 5, 2017:
July 14, 2017:
July 26, 2017:
August 23, 2017:
September 20, 2017:
August 16, 2018:
September 6, 2018:
October 22, 2018:
November 8, 2018:
Floodplain graphics (Rick Taintor)
November 20, 2018:
November 29, 2018:
December 6, 2018:
(B) written testimony (memo 1, memo 2) by resident Rick Taintor (Dec. 5, 2018)
December 17, 2018:
January 28, 2019:
July 15, 2019  – Proposed Zoning Change for Waterfront West
August 6, 2019  – Materials Submitted by New England Development (NED)
September 19, 2019 – Joint Public Hearing on Proposed Zoning Amendment
October 24, 2019 – Joint Meeting of the Newburyport Energy Advisory Committee (EAC) & Newburyport Resiliency Committee
April 2022
Public Comment received to date.