Waterfront West

Waterfront West Overlay District (WWOD)
Zoning Change & Master Development Plan
Proposed by New England Development (NED)
Waterfront West locus map
The following documents have been submitted to the City of Newburyport for review in relation to the proposed development plans for the “Waterfront West” area of Downtown Newburyport. These materials (and the associated zoning change) will be reviewed by the Newburyport City Council and Planning Board in both informal discussions and public hearings. It is anticipated that discussions related to the requested zoning change will take at least several months to complete.  Additional information, including new documents and related public meetings will posted on this page in the coming months.
March 23, 2017:  

Fiscal Impact Analysis

May 4, 2017:
June 5, 2017:
July 14, 2017:
July 26, 2017:
August 23, 2017:
September 20, 2017:
August 16, 2018:
September 6, 2018:
October 22, 2018:
November 8, 2018:
Floodplain graphics (Rick Taintor)
November 20, 2018:
November 29, 2018:
December 6, 2018:
Comments, Questions or Concerns Regarding the Proposed Waterfront West Development?
Submit them here and City officials will work to address them during upcoming meetings with New England Development (NED).