Resiliency Committee

The Resiliency Committee serves as an advisory body to the Mayor and is composed of volunteers and city staff. Committee meetings are open to the public and minutes are recorded for informational purposes.  Meetings of the whole committee are held on the third Wednesday of each month or as determined by the chair. Currently, the meetings are held virtually from 3-4:30 pm and agendas and the Zoom link are posted on the city’s website.  

Newburyport Resiliency Committee was formed in 2015 to take on the responsibility of evaluating Newburyport’s risks from Climate Change and Sea Level Rise, and to develop and help execute a plan to mitigate those risks. After significant research and consultation with community stakeholders, Newburyport’s Resiliency Plan was published in October 2020. The Resiliency Committee now advocates for and oversees implementation of the Resiliency Plan’s recommendations.

Prior to the convening of Newburyport’s Resiliency Committee, City Officials were already engaged in assessing hazards via participation in the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission’s Multi Hazard Mitigation Plan Update. Including the risk assessment exercises of the Flood Resiliency Committee, the City has completed four risk assessment studies, with the most recent going beyond just assessing storm and flood impacts, but also considering other impacts from Climate Change on Newburyport:


Fourth National Climate Assessment

Hazard Mitigation Plan – Merrimack Valley Planning commission, Report Update November 2015

Flood Resilience for Riverine and Coastal Communities – EPA, Final Report Issued January, 2016 

Great Marsh Coastal Adaptation Plan – National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Final Report issued December 2017

Newburyport Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Workshop - Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Final Report Issued May, 2018