Snow Emergency Info

Snow Emergency Contact Number

DPS 978-463-0472


Snow Emergency Notifications

When a parking ban is in effect, DPS will turn on the flashing blue emergency beacons located at major intersections across the City 6-7 hours in advance of the start time of the parking ban in an effort to provide advance warning to residents, businesses and visitors. The ban will be broadcast on Cable Access, and WBZ radio and the city’s website.

During a Parking Ban, all parking is prohibited on all public ways.  Any vehicle parked on a public way is subject to ticketing and/or towing at the owner’s expense.  The City’s towing priorities are based on access needs for emergency vehicles (Fire, Police, Ambulance), along with the type and duration of the event.  Residents may park (free of charge) in city-controlled municipal lots until the ban has been rescinded.  Owners of vehicles parked in the municipal lots must remove their cars within 12 hours after the parking ban is lifted so the DPS crews can properly clear those public lots.


Location of Blue Lights:

March’s Hill at Bromfield St.

Route 113 at Hoyt’s/Gypsy Ln.

Route 113 at Rte 95 South Bound Entrance

Water St. & Shandel Dr.

Market Square

Moseley St. Spofford St. and Merrimac St. (Roundabout)

Three Roads Intersection

Malcolm Hoyt Dr. & Parker St.

High St. & State St.

Route One Traffic Circle and State Street

Route One at Merrimac Street


Location of Municipal Lots for Snow Emergencies:

Cashman Park

Cushing Park (Washington Street)

Green Street Lot 

Hales Court Lot

NRA West Lot

NRA East Lot (behind Custom House)

Prince Place lot (corner of Hales Court and Prince Place)

State Street lot (corner of Harris Street and State Street)

Waterfront Trust  Lot

Garage: Please note the garage is not available for snow emergency parking. It is available for garage permit holders and paying customers.


Sec. 13-29. Snow emergencies.

Upon the declaration of a  snow emergency by the superintendent of the department of public works, no parking shall be allowed on any street or way in the city. The superintendent, upon such declaration, shall cause notice of the snow emergency to be given by radio broadcast or other suitable media. Upon the declaration of the end of the snow emergency by the superintendent, parking shall be allowed on any street or way in the city. Provided, however, that this section shall not be construed to permit parking where it is specifically prohibited by the provisions of this chapter.

(Ord. of 10-31-88(4))


Cross references:  Throwing snow and ice into streets, § 12-7; stopping, standing or parking schedules, § 13-167 et seq. 


Tickets and Towing

Once the snow ban is in effect, the city legally has the right to fine ($50.00), tag and tow all vehicles on all city streets.