Parking Appeal FAQs

Below you will find some frequently asked questions on whether a parking ticket should be abated. If you need more information, please email us, call us at 978-465-4408 or come into see us at City Hall, 60 Pleasant Street, Newburyport, MA.

1. Short Errands or Deliveries

“I was just running in to drop something off”
“It was only a few minutes”
“I left my hazard lights on so I could run in and out”

No errand or delivery, no matter how short or how important to the driver (short of a medical emergency) is an acceptable excuse for unlawful parking.

2. Didn’t See the Sign

“I didn’t see the sign.”

Drivers are required to look for, and abide by existing parking signs and pavement markings. Saying that you didn’t see a posted sign preventing parking is not grounds for an appeal.

3. Charging on Sundays

“I didn’t think you charged on Sundays.”

Like many other locales, Newburyport charges for parking on Sundays as posted on all of the parking meters (Noon to 6 pm). Stating that you did not know that we charge for parking on Sundays is not grounds for an appeal.

4. No Other Place to Park

“I was running late and there was no other place to park.”

It is the driver’s responsibility to locate lawful parking. During busy times it may be difficult to find parking in the immediate vicinity of your destination, which may necessitate that you park further away, a short-walk from your intended destination.

5. Plenty of Open Parking Spaces

“There were plenty of open metered spaces so I did not think I had to pay the meter.”

6. First Offense

“Please excuse the ticket as this is my first violation.”

A first time offense is not considered grounds for violation of the parking ordinance or dismissing a ticket.

If you have questions, please call 978-465-4408.