Highland Cemetery Commission

The Highland Cemetery Commission is established in accordance with the Newburyport Code of Ordinances Sec. 12-103. - Highland Cemetery Commission.

(a) Establishment. There is hereby established a Highland Cemetery Commission for the purpose of assisting in preserving and enhancing Highland Cemetery; in a shared stewardship with the public and municipal departments.

(b) Board of commissioners; term of office. The mayor shall appoint five (5) members to constitute the Board of Commissioners of Highland Cemetery. Members must be residents of the city and shall serve without pay. Each commissioner of said commission shall be appointed for a term of not in excess of three (3) years and the appointments shall be made so that the terms of not more than two (2) commissioners shall expire in a single year. The appointments shall be made on or before the first Monday of February. All members shall hold office until their respective successors are appointed.

(c) Annual appropriation for upkeep; use of other funds.

(1) The mayor and city council shall annually appropriate a sum of not less than five hundred dollars ($500.00) for the preservation and enhancement of Highland Cemetery.

(2) The money annually appropriated by the city for the upkeep of Highland Cemetery together with such sums as may be received by the commissioners shall be expended, in consultation with the mayor and city council, to the satisfaction of the commissioners for the preservation and enhancement of Highland Cemetery as a public cemetery.

(d) Promulgation of rules. Commissioners are hereby authorized to promulgate reasonable rules for the use by the public of Highland Cemetery. Such rules may include, but are not limited to, hours of use, conduct of visitors, and manners of use of certain areas. Commissioners shall consult with the mayor and city council prior to such promulgation.

(e) Financial matters. All money received for the account of the Highland Cemetery Commission shall be deposited with the city treasurer/collector, in trust, subject to withdrawal by the majority of a quorum of the board of commissioners only for expenditures on Highland Cemetery; and the accounts of the Highland Cemetery Commission shall be kept by the city treasurer/collector in such form and manner as the commissioners may direct.

(f) Annual report of commission. The Board of Commissioners of Highland Cemetery shall make a report of their doings, receipts and expenditures by the thirtieth (30th) day of September in each year, to the city council, before the last Monday in October.

(Ord. of 9-26-11(2))

Board Members

Gary Robinson
Patricia Spalding
Jeffery Tomlinson