DPS Sewer Division

Mission Statement:

To provide the rate payers of Newburyport with cost effective wastewater collection, pumping, and treatment services, while simultaneously improving and maintaining the City's infrastructure.

ODOR HOTLINE / E-MAIL:  During Business hours (7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday - Friday) call (978) 465-4461 and choose General Mailbox.  Please leave a message if the line is not staffed.  After hours and weekends, e-mail odor@cityofnewburyport.com a dedicated e-mail for residents to report odor issues to Waste Water Treatment Facility staff.  All reports of odors are tracked and investigated by Waste Water Treatment Facility staff.

When calling or emailing please leave your name, phone number and address.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Anthony J. Furnari Director (978) 465-4464 ext. 1702
Wayne S. Amaral DPS Deputy Director (978) 465-4464 ext. 1703
Christopher Pratt Chief Operator (978) 465-4464 ext. 1732
Jamie Tuccolo Collection System Superintendent (978) 465-4464 ext. 1730
Kathleen Talkington Business Manager (978) 465-4464 ext. 1712
Jon-Eric White, PE City Engineer (978) 465-4464 ext. 1710