Engineering Division

Mission Statement:

The Engineering Division provides technical assistance to the DPS and other city departments for all civil engineering-related matters including water, sewer, stormwater, roadway, site development, traffic management, and other public works functions.  This Division is currently comprised of the City Engineer and an Assistant Engineer. 

The general goal of the Engineering Division is to design Capital Improvement Projects (pending available construction funding) and oversee its’ construction.  Performing in-house engineering design eliminates the need to hire an outside engineering firm, thereby providing a cost savings to the City. 


  • Specific functions of the Engineering Division are as follows:
  • Design roadways, intersections, parking lots, sidewalks, site restorations, grading, drainage and stormwater collection systems, water and sanitary sewer main replacements, and various other infrastructure improvements;
  • Perform civil engineering design functions, such as, roadway horizontal and vertical geometry, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, grading and drainage, stormwater quality and quantity control, utility plans and profiles, ADA compliance, traffic management, construction details and materials, quantity takeoffs and cost estimating, technical specifications and bid documents, construction oversight, and compliance with applicable federal and state regulations (AASHTO, MDOT, ADA, DEP).
  • Project management duties for the engineering design and construction of Capital Improvements Projects when the engineering is being performed by an outside firm;
  • Managing and updating the City’s GIS system, including performing field work to obtain accurate locations of our water, sewer and drain systems, updating the GIS datalayers and other drafting tasks, and coordinating with our GIS consultant(s);
  • Play an advisory and administration role in the management of our NPDES MS4 General Permit stormwater compliance program, which will include administration of Annual Reporting.  Perform occasional field inspections and monitoring as required by the Permit, coordination with consultants, and management of our stormwater system in GIS;
  • Provide professional and technical support to the Mayor, DPS, City Departments, Commissions, and Boards, as needed;
  • Manage and update the City Stormwater Ordinance and Stormwater Rules & Regulations;
  • Assist in the implementation and maintenance of DPS design and construction standards and Water/Sewer Commission policies and procedures;
  • Review proposed development and permitting Plans from the Planning Department and Zoning Board of Appeals for compliance with DPS and City standards;
  • Assist in the preparation of the DPS budgets and Capital Improvement Project planning;
  • Make technical engineering decisions and establish technical criteria and standards as necessary;
  • Prepare a variety of reports, correspondence and special studies related to engineering functions;
  • Assist the public and internal departments with a variety of inquires and requests related to public works infrastructure and provide technical information on projects.
  • Play lead and supporting roles in a number of committees, such as, Traffic Safety Advisory Committee, Stormwater Committee, Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Committee, and Technical Review Committee;
  • Inspect new construction, replacement, repairs and maintenance of streets, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, utilities, and other related public works projects;

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Diane Gagnon Assistant Engineer (978) 465-4464 ext. 1711
Jon-Eric White, PE City Engineer (978) 465-4464 ext. 1710
Nicholas Federico (978) 465-4464 ext 1717