Streets and Sidewalks Improvement Plan

On this page, you will find information about the City's five-year improvement plan for streets and sidewalks. This plan is intended to be updated annually, with new streets and sidewalks added to the pipeline for the fifth year out. This plan is based on the 2020 report by engineering consultant BETA assessing the quality and need for repair for each street across the city. The original BETA report can be found here. Updates to this plan will be shared on this website and on the City's social media platforms. 


4/15/22: The City Council approved American Rescue Plan Act funding for $2.4M for the first two years of the Streets and Sidewalks plan. The updated plan can be found here, and paving will begin April 19th. The schedule can be found below. 

A public meeting will be held at 5pm on Tuesday, April 26th to go over the results of the petition process. Petitioners can expect to hear results in advance, and more detailed responses will be offered at the 4/26 meeting. 


The full schedule can be found here.

The Department of Public Services will begin work on the street paving plan on Tuesday, April 19th through their paving contractor, D&R General Contracting, Inc. The work will consist of milling or reclaiming and repaving of the roadway surface. The work will begin in Ward 5 in the Doe Run Dr. area on Tuesday, April 19th and will continue through the Ward 5 streets listed on the Mayor’s Street Paving Plan, then proceed to Ward 3 and then to Ward 1. A full anticipated schedule is below, and will change based on weather and other delays. The plan will be updated on this page and on the City’s and DPS’s social media. 

List of Streets for Repair

The list of streets as of 4/15/22 can be found here, and a deep dive is here. This list adds Pheasant Run Drive in Ward 5. 

The previous list of streets and sidewalks as of 4/8/2022 is available here

The changes from this update are as follows:
Ward 4: Adds Willow Ave in FY2024, Adds Plummer Ave in FY26
Wards 4 and 5: Moves Rawson Avenue to FY25 so that a sidewalk can be designed in FY23 and installed in FY24
Ward 5: Adds Fox Run Drive in FY23

The previous list of streets, as of 4/5/2022 is available here.

The changes from the previous version are as follows:
Ward 1: Completes all of Milk Street in 2022.
Ward 3: Removes Cutters Court
Ward 4: Moves Tracy St. to Ward 4. 
Ward 4/5: Completes all of Rawson Street in 2022.
Ward 5: Adds Doe Run Drive

The previous version posted 3/29/22, can be found here.
The changes from this version are as follows:
Ward 1: Removes Oak and Guild Streets in FY25. Removes Reilly and South Pond Streets in FY27.
Ward 4: Adds Rawson Street in FY24.
Ward 5: Removes Noble and Golden Streets and adds Crow Street in FY25
Ward 6: Removes Drew and adds Noble Street in FY24. Removes Adams, Crow, and Spofford Streets in FY26. 

The first released version from 3/18/22 can be found here.
Maps of the streets in the original plan, by ward, can be found below:
Ward 1
Ward 2
Ward 3
Ward 4
Ward 5
Ward 6

Petition Form
To ask to have your street reconsidered for earlier scheduling, you can fill out the petition form. Residents may submit a petition signed by five residents on a street, or a majority of houses on the street (whichever is smaller). Please provide the required information and return it in person to the Mayor's Office at City Hall or by email at

The petition form is available here.

The original presentation on this plan from March 22 can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How were streets selected?
In 2020, engineering consultant BETA finished an audit of all City streets and sidewalks and evaluated their condition and what paving work is recommended to be completed, including mill and overlay, reclamation, or surface treatment. They also estimated the costs of all these improvement on the various streets and sidewalks. The Newburyport Department of Public Services (DPS) used this information to create a prioritization plan based on a budget of $2M per/year. The Mayor’s office made the decision to work on three wards at a time, beginning with wards 1, 3, and 5, and following up with 2, 4, and 6, to make sure all wards received attention. The plan prioritizes roads in each ward that are classified as being in the worst condition, and groups them by geography and cost. This means DPS and their contractors will be able to complete the work in the different wards for around the same cost amount each year and all wards will have their priority roads addressed. 

What does the repair process look like?

Most paving and sidewalk work will be Replacement In Kind (RIK) and will follow existing plans and conditions. DPS has awarded a contract to D&R Paving following the process laid out in MA General Law which requires that they then pursue a contract with the lowest qualified bidder. DPS, with the collaboration of the City Engineer, will create and design plans for the new sidewalks and will seek additional input for any new crosswalks.The road work done will fit into the following categories:

  • Reclamation: Removes all asphalt by grinding and pulverizing in place to create a uniform base material before the road is repaved.
  • Mill & Overlay: Removes the top layer of asphalt typically ranging between 2-2.5 inches, and then replaces this layer with a new Hot Melt Asphalt surface.
  • Surface treatment: Patching and seal coating of the road, with no removal process. Appropriate for roads that are currently classified as fair or good.

How can residents have input on this plan? 
As the initial study used for this plan was completed in 2020, we understand conditions may have changed in some places and want to be responsive to any streets urgent in need of service. The Mayor’s Office and DPS have created a petition process that can be used to request another look at any streets not included in the plan. Residents may submit a petition signed by five residents on a street, or a majority of houses on the street (whichever is smaller). After receiving the petition, a committee will review the street and determine if it can be added to the plan. A public meeting will be held to respond to all received petitions and discuss next steps.

How does the ward system work?
Roadwork will begin in wards 1, 3, and 5 in the first year, and will move to wards 2, 4, and 6 in the second. We will alternate between these wards each year. While this looks like Wards 2, 4, and 6 will only receive two years of reapairs versus three for the other wards, Wards 2, 4, and 6 will  repairs in the first year following the end of this plan, FY28. While this is a five-year plan, we anticipate repeating this process in the future and prioritizing the next round of repairs in a similar manner. It will make more sense to evaluate the needs of Wards 2, 4, and 6 for FY28 when we are closer to that date.

How will communication on this plan be shared?
In addition to this page, the City and DPS will use their social media channels to share updates. There will be an annual public meeting discussing the streets and sidewalks scheduled for repair and covering the progress made in the year before.