Committee Members, Mission, and Meeting Notes

Mission Statement

The committee will analyze, coordinate and develop a plan in conjunction with regional planning efforts to increase community resilience related to impacts of climate change including sea level rise, storm surge, flooding and extreme weather events throughout the City.  Further, the committee will advocate for and oversee implementation of the plan’s recommendations.

Newburyport Resiliency Committee: 

  • Chairman: David Chatfield 
  • Mayor: Donna Holaday
  • Council President: Barry Connell
  • Planning Director: Andy Port
  • Fire Chief: Christopher LeClaire
  • City Engineer:  Jon-Eric White
  • Sustainability Manager: Molly Ettenborough
  • Conservation Administrator:  Julia Godtfredsen
  • Conservation Commission Chair: Joe Teixeira
  • Residents: Rishi Nandi, Jane Healey, Janet Daisley,  Brett LeFebvre, Heather Lipp, Sarah Tappan,  

Meeting Notes