Newburyport to Participate in Energy Efficiency Day 2019

In recognition of the 4th annual national Energy Efficiency Day (EE Day), Mayor Donna Holaday is joining regional and national organizations, businesses, utilities, universities, and individuals in proclaiming Wednesday, October 2, 2019 Energy Efficiency Day.

According to the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy (ACEEE), energy efficiency has the ability to cut energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050.  Energy efficiency is the cheapest, quickest way to meet our energy needs, cut utility bills, and reduce pollution.  Energy efficiency is also an economic engine, with a U.S. workforce of more than 2.3 million in good jobs that are local and cannot be outsourced. EE improves air quality, public health, and comfort.

Mayor Holaday said, “The City of Newburyport has made significant investments in energy savings. There is no better way to reduce emissions than to not need some of that energy in the first place.”

Newburyport was designated a Green Community by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources in 2010 and City has been steadily reducing energy consumption in all municipal buildings.  Mayor Holaday also hired Clean Energy Manager, oversaw the City’s adoption the Stretch Energy Code and launched several EE awareness campaigns.  Newburyport and National Grid have again teamed up for EE Community Initiatives. A residential initiative is underway this year with a goal of achieving over 400 home energy assessments in 2019. EE initiatives for businesses are ongoing every year.

“Every home and business benefits from energy assessments – especially energy bill payers,” said Mayor Holaday, who had her first no-cost home energy assessment in 2014. To schedule a home energy assessment, call 800-891-9899. To schedule a business energy assessment, call 781-349-6916.

To learn more about Newburyport’s energy efficiency efforts, visit

You can join the national EE Day Twitter conversation using #EEDay2019.

About #EEDay2019: On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, a growing network of advocates, companies, government agencies, utilities, and others will showcase the benefits of energy efficiency during the 4th annual nationwide Energy Efficiency Day. Learn more at