Yard Waste, Trash, Recycling, Food scrap pick-up, Leaf pick-up, Mattress pick-up

Newburyport --In the spirit of doing as much as we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Newburyport will not open the Yard Waste Facility on Colby Farm Lane on April 7, and we do not anticipate opening it until sometime in May. We understand that with many people already having cleaned up their yards, moving the opening date back further is a great disappointment.

Leaf Pick-up

Curbside leaf pick-up is planned for Saturday, May 2 and Saturday, May 16.If this changes we will let you know. Please have bagged leaves, or leaves in barrels, out by 7 a.m. Please fold bags over at the top.

             Trash and Recycling

As of Monday, March 23, residents and downtown businesses must put trash in plastic bags, and put the bags in barrels, with nothing loose in the barrel.

If someone in your household may be infected with COVID-19 (or anything else contagious) all personal waste should be double-bagged in plastic bags, sealed, and put in barrels.

There will be NO large item/ bulk trash pick-up at this time.

Recycling can be loose in barrels or bins, as collection is automated. Cardboard must be inside barrels (or see below).

If you have large pieces of cardboard, or don’t have a barrel for trash, there’s an option.

There are two dumpsters, for trash and recycling only, at 59 Low Street, for residents only.   This is the site of Emergency Operations Center, not the National Guard building, and is across the street from the Nock/Molin School.  The site will be opened from 12 - 3 pm Monday- Friday and will be staffed. Only household trash and recycling is allowed, no construction debris or contractor bags, no bulk items, no metal or white goods, no tires, and no hazardous waste.

The recycling center on Colby Farm Lane will NOT be open on Mondays or Thursdays from 12.15-2.15 p.m. until we return to the normal schedule, tentatively Monday, May 5.

The recycling center on Colby Farm Lane will NOT be open the first Saturday of April. We are tentatively planning to reschedule the drop-off for the first Saturday of May, May 2 (8 am – 12 pm).

Mattress and Box Spring Pick-up

While mattresses cannot currently be picked up as trash, the non-profit UTEC will come to Newburyport on Tuesday, April 28 for curbside pick-up of mattresses and box springs at a cost of $15 apiece. They will be dismantled for component recycling. Call the Health Department to make arrangements at 978-465-4410, ext. 1.

Food Scraps

UNCHANGED is the opportunity to get compostables picked up:

Newburyporters have a very attractive subscription curbside organics option. Please contact our service provider, Black Earth Compost at 978.290.4610 for current rates and collection day for your area. (And note! Meats, fats, dairy and bones are welcome in curbside collection!)

For additional information please see the City of Newburyport website, or call 978-465-4410, ext. 1, or e-mail us at Lhanke@cityofnewburyport.com. Staff members can send needed information via email, fax, or postal mail.