FY2018-2022 Capital Improvement Program

The FY2018-2022 Capital Improvement Program was submitted by Mayor Donna D. Holaday to the City Council at their March 26, 2018 meeting, in accordance with Section 6-5 of the Newburyport City Charter.


(a) Submission no later than April 1of each year, the mayor shall submit a capital improvement program to the city council. The capital improvement program shall be consistent with the mission statement of the city and shall include:

(1) a clear and concise general summary of its contents;

(2) a list of all capital improvements proposed to be undertaken during the ensuing 5 years, with supporting information as to the need for each capital improvement;

(3) cost estimates, methods of financing and recommended time schedules for each improvement; and,

(4) the estimated annual cost of operating and maintaining each facility and piece of major equipment involved. This information is to be annually revised by the mayor with regard to the capital improvements still pending or in the process of being acquired, improved or constructed.

(b) Public Hearing - The city council shall publish in at least 1 local newspaper a notice stating: (1) the times and places where entire copies of the capital improvements program are available for inspection by the public; and, (2) the date, time and place not less than 14 days after such publication, when a public hearing on said plan will be held by the city council.

(c) Adoption - At any time after the public hearing but before June 1of each year, the city council shall by resolution adopt the capital improvements program with or without amendment, provided that each amendment must be voted separately and that any increase 29 in the capital improvements program as submitted must specifically identify the method of financing proposed to accomplish such increase.

(d) Availability of Capital Improvement Program -In addition to any other posting requirement under law, immediately after the submission of the proposed capital improvement program to the city council, the mayor shall cause the entire capital improvement program document to be posted on the city's website. After the enactment of the program, a copy of the capital improvement program document as approved shall be posted on the city website indicating its approval by the city council, and it shall remain posted at least until the enactment of any subsequent capital improvement program.