Building Department

Notice to all Contractors: The Building Department will not process incomplete Plumbing, Gas and Electrical permits sent through the mail. Incomplete as not including City sign-offs (property taxes, water and sewer fees) and inadequate fee payment. Alteration/Repair or  Building Permit numbers with the month and year will suffice for the City sign-off page.
  • Ensuring all legal and code requirements are met before permits are issued
  • Issuing Building Permits
  • Inspections to ensure safe construction, consistent with building codes and local ordinance
  • Enforcing City of Newburyport Zoning Bylaws, State Building Code, and Sign Codes.
  • Investigating building and zoning complaints
  • Citing violations and imposing fines when necessary
  • Issuing occupancy permits
  • Annual inspection of all places of assembly
  • 1 and 2 family dwellings need a signed/dated contract between home owner and contractor

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Peter Binette Building Commissioner (978) 465-4405
James Bone Building Inspector (978) 465-4405
Barbara A. Pulaski Administrative Assistant (978) 465-4405
Phil Stern Inspectional Services Clerk (978) 465-4405