Waterfront Trust

On January 28, 1991, the City of Newburyport declared a public trust in the conveyance of public land and named five Trustees to oversee a portion of city-owned property along the waterfront for the public good. These lands, according to trust documents, are to, "…remain open and for the benefit of the general public forever." Trustees are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the City Council for terms of five years. No two terms expire in the same year. The Trustees are granted control and management of the trust property, including maintenance, repairs and renovations. They may apply for grants or gifts to benefit the property, and they may charge fees for temporary use of the land by commercial enterprises. The City of Newburyport allocates money each year in the city's operating budget to pay for said expenses.

FY2016 Waterfront Trust Report to Mayor

Trust Members

Name Title
Scott W. Sutherland Chair
Steven D. Hines Vice Chair
Joseph H. Brown Treasurer
Wilbur Shenk Secretary
George Ellison Member
Edith Heyck Park Manager