The Assessor's Office is located on the first floor of Newburyport City Hall and is open during regular City Hall hours.

One major responsibility of this department is to estimate the value of all real and personal property within the City. It is the buyers and sellers who determine actual value, the assessments merely reflect market conditions. We also maintain city records for real estate and personal property tax billing as well as motor vehicle and boat excise tax billing. Although some records must remain confidential, most are public. Along with assessor's maps, real estate information is available on our two public access computers. Additionally, the Assessor is actively involved in the tax rate setting process.

Abatement and exemption applications are to be filed with the Assessor. Anyone who thinks they may be eligible should contact this office.

  • FY 2017 tax rate is $13.45/$1,000
  • FY 2016 tax rate was $13.39/$1,000
  • FY 2015 tax rate was $13.34/$1,000
Here is a link to information on the Assessors Cyclical Inspections.
Customer service is of paramount concern in this office, please let us know how we may help you.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Jill Brennan Assessor
Dave Glynn Assistant Assessor
Carrie Keville Administrative Assistant