Ad-Hoc Cable Advisory Committee

The Cable Advisory Committee is an ad-hoc committee set up by the Mayor to make recommendations regarding cable operator licensing.

Under Massachusetts regulations, an Issuing Authority ("IA") may appoint a Cable Advisory Committee ("CAC") to advise the IA throughout the licensing process. 207 C.M.R. § 3.01(3). 

The IA may, at its discretion, define the role and responsibilities of the CAC to the extent permitted under G.L. c. 166A. Thus, there is almost complete local control as to the tasks assigned to an advisory committee, so long as these tasks do not conflict with the statutory requirements of the IA in G.L. c. 166A. While an IA may delegate to a CAC the authority to negotiate a license agreement, an IA may not delegate authority to execute such an agreement.

The current license took effect on October 6, 2015 and expires on October 5, 2025.