Newburyport Redevelopment Authority

The Newburyport Redevelopment Authority (NRA), a quasi-public agency, was established in 1960 under MGL Chapter 121B Section 4 to address revitalization of the downtown Central Business District. The Authority is made up of five members consisting of four members appointed by the Mayor and one member appointed by the Governor. Newburyport set an example across the country as the first municipality to use urban renewal funds for historic preservation.

Waterfront Redevelopment

Framework Plan Presentation (11/22/16)

Waterfront Property Financial Implications of Alternative Development Programs (Abramson, 10/13)

Finally, a sound plan that works for Newburyport (mailer 10/15/13)

Abramson & Associates "Redeveloping the Waterfront" Presentation (10/2/13)

Environmental and Geotechnical Site Evaluation of East and West Waterfront Parking Lots (9/16/13)

Waterfront Master Plan - Union Studios Revised Presentation (6/29/13)

Memos from Abramson & Associates re: Waterfront Property Land Utilization and Financial Implications of Alternative Development Programs (8/11/11 and 4/15/13)

Site Constraints Presentation, Summary, and Plans (May, 2012)

Parking Impact Study (October, 2012)

Board Members

Name Title
Bob Uhlig Chair
Andrew Sidford Vice-Chair
Marian Levy Secretary
Leslie Eckholdt Treasurer