Policy Subcommittee of the Whole School Committee

Event Date: 
Saturday, May 2, 2020 - 9:00am to 10:30am


NBPT School Committee - Policy Subcommittee Meeting 5/2/2020 9-10:30 am

Sean Reardon, Sheila Reardon-Spalding, David Hochheiser

Zoom Meeting: 950-5115-7642

Public comments accepted on any of these topics and meeting password information available via: dhochheiser@newburyport.k12.ma.us


1) Fundraising: We seem to have a few types of fundraising going on in the district  

School-sanctioned events or time periods during which things are sold and percentages of profits go towards the school as a whole (general fund) or a distinct group with the school (club or team)

Parents / booster clubs raising money via crowdfunding for particular activities

Parents / booster clubs selling items at events (sports / theater) for particular recipients

Parents being asked to pay dues (each grade level at The High School)

Large funding organizations (Swayze, NEF, PTO)


What sort of guidelines would we like to see in place for all of this work?

What are some principles we would want to consider when fundraising?

Current policy: http://bit.ly/2vG7Xnn


2) Clarification of Policy BE, “School Committee Meetings,” to address the following:

The idea of a “special” meeting

Connection to BEDH, concerning public participation in meetings

Consider language guiding public comment for remote meetings


3) Fingerprinting

There is a current practice, but this hasn’t been included in the policy book.  We need to think about updating its language before including it into the policy book.



4) Goals for the School Committee:

We have a current document with proposed goals, which ought to be brought to the committee as a whole.