Newburyport Waste Reduction Program

Faced with a 40% increase in waste removal expenses, Mayor Holaday and the City’s Recycling and Energy Office created a task force comprised of community leaders, industry experts and state officials to deal with the City’s high waste and recycling price increases. Its role was to evaluate options and develop a recommendation for the City of Newburyport to minimize waste and contain costs.

The task force assessed the rapid growth in costs of waste collection and processing, explored alternative solutions, analyzed other communities’ best practices and input from community members to recommend the best course of action for Newburyport. It found that trends indicate a need to put in place a systematic and long term approach to reduce waste volume and contain and control costs by initiating a unit-based trash system.

After significant analysis, the task force is making the following unit-based recommendations: weekly trash collection will include one 32 gallon cart per household at no charge. Additionally, any trash in excess of the cart must be disposed of in specially marked overthrow bags ($2 per 15 gal and $4 per 30 gal). By implementing this plan, Newburyport will qualify for a grant which will provide a new cart to every household at no cost to homeowners. There are no immediate changes to the management of recyclable and organic waste.

For More Information:

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