Example Format for All Plan Submissions

Note: The following example plan/drawing sheets are provided for the convenience of all applicants and in particular to ensure that all plans submitted for review have adequate information required by the applicable Board and/or staff, in accordance with applicable City Ordinances and regulations. By preparing plans/drawings in the proper format at the outset, applicants will avoid rejection of an incomplete application, and the additional time and cost associated with further plan revisions before approvals can be granted.

All elevation drawings should include the following information:

  • Title block including the Drawing Title, Location Address, and Date of Plan
  • Existing and proposed dimensions, including the height of ridge and median roof lines from mean grade at building perimeter
  • Dimensions and setbacks of any proposed dormers from existing face of wall

Applicants may also include, or be asked during the hearing process to provide additional callouts addressing more detailed elements such as window specifications, siding materials, architectural features to be presevered, etc. Inclusion of these details is especially important if the project requires Historical Commission review.