October 12, 2017 Construction Update:

During the past month, the Rail Trail contractor advanced the shaping and grading and installation of the gravel base and adjacent topsoil for the revised March’s Hill spur pathway, as well as formed concrete foundations for the two new granite stairways.  Along the rest of the trail corridor, the contractor has done more grading and shaping of the edges, installed topsoil, installed special electrical manholes, plus more granite curbing, concrete foundations for benches and signs, fencing and fence posts.  Looking ahead, the contractor’s landscaper is anticipated to begin hydroseeding grass seed along the inland portion of the corridor during the week of 10/16/17.  On 9/28/17, a public meeting was held regarding the soil contamination found in the corridor behind the wastewater treatment facility.  Additional soil sampling is anticipated during the week of 10/16/17, then lab analysis, and submission of a remediation plan to the DEP and EPA in November.  If approved, the soil remediation work could begin as early as December.  In addition, National Grid indicates that they are on track to mobilize their contractor during the week of 10/30/17 to begin installing a new revetment to repair a portion of the substation property shoreline that is adjacent to the Rail Trail and the American Yacht Club.  In addition, the eleven artists selected to create murals for the Rail Trail between Water and Harrison Streets have all finished their work and delivered their paintings to the sign company, which is in the process of capturing high resolution digital images for fabrication of the mural panels for installation later this fall.  We also delivered text and images to a graphic artist for laying out seven historic interpretive signs for installation along the trail.

March's Hill Tannery Trail Substation Trail