November 14, 2017 Construction Update:

During the past month, the contractor and subcontractors have installed some plantings, more fencing and concrete flatwork, installed bollards at the small boardwalk bridge, done some graffiti removal from granite block abutment walls, installed some timber frames for swinging benches, and is currently paving the topcoat of much of the trail.  We have coordinated further with the muralists and sculptors and installed one new sculpture called “Small World” near March’s Hill.  The additional soil sampling along the shoreline behind the wastewater treatment facility was done, sent off to and analyzed by the lab, and is currently under review by our consultants for whether a cap is needed in addition to excavation and removal and for the development of the remediation plan.  National Grid’s contractor has begun to mobilize for the revetment work behind the substation property which will keep that area closed off for the winter during the duration of that project.  The rail trail contractor will continue to work until significant winter weather sets in.

Swing bench Along river

Planting Small World installation

Construction progress March's Hill

Near Harbormaster paving