Neighborhoods & City Services

The Committee on Neighborhoods and City Service shall be concerned with all the activities: in the department of public services with the exceptions of public parking and traffic, and of water and sewer services, including, without limitation, municipal lighting, street sweeping, and city cemeteries; and regarding youth services, the public library, the veterans agent, the parks commission and department, and the council on aging.
Currently In Committee:
  • COMM00406  Pioneer League Letter re: Pickleball
  • COMM299      Phillips Dr. Neighborhood Committee Ltr
  • ODNC00103   Streets, Sidewalks, & Other Public Places Alter. & Maint
  • ORDR00373   Crosswalk Plummer Ave
  • ORDR00374   Plummer Ave Safety Zone Plan
  • ORDR00378  Crosswalk – Kent & Washington
  • ORDR00380  Parks Department Reorganization (with Mayor’s message) (COTW)

Board Members

Name Title
Christine E. Wallace Chair
Jennie L. Donahue Committee Member
Constance Preston Committee Member