Storm-Related News for Trash and Recycling

Despite continued snow in the immediate forecast, G. Mello plans to run its Tuesday trash and A week recycling routes as usual. 

To accommodate both the plow trucks and trash and recycling trucks, please do not put trash or recycling bags or carts on the street.  Please place them near the edge of the street on the curb or sidewalk if there is one. You may need to shovel out a space for your trash/recycling carts. If you only have white trash bags, make it stand out from the white snow with a marker or colored piece of paper taped to the bag.

Please have your trash and recycling out by 7 am though it may be that   your trash and recycling will be picked up at a different time of day than usual.

Monday route residents- G.Mello apologizes for not being able to collect all of today’s recycling on and near Plum Island. They expect to pick that up on Tuesday, December 3.