Reopening Information for Businesses

The Newburyport Board of Health has issued the following letter to business owners laying out the state's reopening plan.  

Link to letter.

Massachusetts has announced a 4 phased plan to re-open businesses. Phase 1 takes effect May 18 and May 25 (Please refer to the list below to determine if/when your business may re-open.)

In order to open, ALL BUSINESSES must develop a written Control Plan, complete the Compliance Attestation, provide employee training, and post signage in the workplace. For your convenience, templates of an acceptable Control Plan, Compliance Attestation and Signage are available by clicking on the links below.

1. Control Plan: This COVID Safety Plan is to be filled out and kept at the workplace.]

** SECTOR SPECIFIC WORKPLACE SAFETY STANDARDS set forth by MDPH are available on the links below.

2. Compliance Attestation: This self-certification must be completed and posted at the workplace

3. Employee Training: Train employees on Covid prevention. Training must be effective for employees to understand and implement the COVID safety measures put in place.

4. Signage: Post Employer and Employee signage at the workplace. and

** Click on the link that best describes your business to determine what WORKPLACE SAFTETY STANDARDS apply to your establishment:

1. Construction - Permitted to open on May 18 
2. Manufacturing - Permitted to open on May 18  
3. Office Spaces - Permitted to open on May 25 
4. Laboratories - Permitted to open on May 25  
5. Hair Salons and Barbershops - Permitted to open on May 25 
6. Pet Grooming - Permitted to open on May 25
7. Car Washes - Permitted to open on May 25
8. Retail – Permitted to open on May 25 - curbside pickup or remote fulfillment only. In-store browsing prohibited until Phase 2 
9. Places of Worship - Permitted to open on May 18 - 
10. Retail: (such as clothing stores, toy stores, jewelry stores, nurseries and garden centers that don’t sell food products, adult use cannabis stores) - Phase 1 – May 25 for curbside pickup and delivery only Phase 2 – browsing inside the store with restrictions 
11. Outdoor Recreational Activities and Businesses – Permitted to open on May 25 

More information about the Re-Opening of Massachusetts can be found at