Opening Date for Yard Waste Facility

Newburyport Yard Waste Facility

The projected opening date for the Yard Waste site this year is Tuesday, April 10.  Once it is open our hours will be 7.30am -2.30pm Tuesday through Saturday.  

Crow Lane Yard Waste Facility

 To utilize the facility residents must purchase a sticker for their vehicle, which entitles them to the use of the facility for the calendar year. Stickers are sold only at the Crow Lane Yard Waste Facility, YWF. The fee is $20, or $5 for residents 65 years old.

Acceptable materials include leaves, mulch and garden waste (“compost material”) separated from shrub trimmings, tree twigs, branches and trunks up to 18" in diameter (“wood chip material”).  No dirt-covered stumps, stones, building wood, plastics or trash are accepted. It is helpful for compost material to be separated from wood chip material prior to arriving at the facility. Wood chip material, recycled separately from compost material, will be deposited on the right hand side as you enter the facility. Compost material will be deposited on the left hand side.


LANDSCAPERS, please note: Your permits are always available ONLY at City Hall in the Health Department.


Curbside Leaf Collection:     

FYI, curbside bagged leaf collection will take place on the Saturdays of the weeks of May 7 and 21st. Residents must place leaves in brown paper leaf bags or in marked barrels. Bags must be curbside by 6.00AM and contain only leaves.  Bags containing branches, plants, dirt, rocks or trash will be left behind and can be brought to the YWF.  



If you want to burn brush please call the Newburyport Fire Department at 978-465-4427 for permission, on a daily basis, based on wind, ground conditions, etc.

You must only burn brush.

Grass, hay, leaves and stumps are prohibited 

Burn period is between January 15 and May 1, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The fire must be no less than 75 feet away from all structures

Have a water source on hand.

Keep fire suppression tools handy and monitor the burn at all times until it is completely out.


For additional information please see the City of Newburyport website, or contact the recycling and energy office, at 978-499-0413 or via e-mail at