Newburyport is working with National Grid to restore power to the community.

After an extensive conference call with National Grid (NG) representatives we have been informed that it could take at least 72 hours for restoration of power throughout the City.  The storm had a devastating impact on the region hitting other communities much harder than Newburyport and straining NG resources; crews from AL, KY, PA and OH are in route to help with full restoration to the region.  The City’s first priority was to restore power to our water treatment facility so that all of the City’s residents are able to have clean running water.  The plant has been running via a generator since early Monday morning with the return of full power anticipated by 3:00 today.  Unfortunately this storm has affected over 70,000 subscribers in New England and over 7,200 on the North Shore alone and there are neighboring communities in much worse condition than Newburyport (600 currently without power) that are higher priorities at this time.  We still have trees and powerlines down so exercise caution and assume all downed wires are live and call 911.  This is why Trick or Treat had to be postponed until 5:30 - 7:30 on Friday evening because the safety of our children is of the utmost importance. 

Thank you for your patience.