Mayor Releases Additional Information on Parks Reorganization Proposal

Includes Responses to Topics Raised at Public Meetings
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On September 19th, Mayor Reardon posted a supplemental document with more information on the proposed Parks Reorganization Plan. The plan was submitted to the City Council on August 8th and there have been two public hearings on the plan, as well as a presentation and discussion on the plan at a meeting of the Committee on Neighborhoods and City Services. There has been much public feedback on the plan and a number of questions raised by constituents. This document is intended to help further address some of the questions that have been received throughout this process and it explains in greater detail how the reorganization plan will be implemented. There are some adjustments to the plan based on the feedback received, and these are called out in the document as well. The Mayor will plan to discuss this document at the September 20th meeting of the Committee on Neighborhoods and City Services at 5pm in Council Chambers. 

The document can be found here: