Home Energy 101 Series: Decades of Energy Efficiency Improvements in a Historic Home

Newburyport Recycling and Energy Department

Home Energy 101 series presents:

Decades of Energy Efficiency Improvements in an Historic Home

Tuesday Evening

September 24   

7-8 PM

Newburyport Public Library Program Room

Can you imagine a beautiful historic home that wouldn’t sell because of its heating system? That was the case for the Christmas Tree house at 207 High Street in the early 1980s, when it finally sold to Manfred Raschke. Hear the story behind the house and the decades of energy efficiency upgrades that have added value back into the property.


Renewable Energy Homes Gain Resiliency with Battery Storage

Tuesday Evening, October 8

7-8 PM Presentation and

8-9 PM Electric Car Test Drives


Newburyport Public Library, Program Room

This is another opportunity to hear how the bits and pieces come together for a completely renewable energy home. Renewable Energy Homes Gain Resiliency with Battery Storage will highlight the Tesla Powerwall battery and how heat pumps and electric vehicles are perfect compliments to a solar-powered home. More and more people are embracing environmental sustainability and turning to whole house  electrification for low cost heating and cooling, free driving miles, huge financial savings, and environmental benefits. Heat pumps, electric vehicle driving, and The Tesla Powerwall battery are the perfect complements to a solar-powered home. Advance sign up for electric vehicle test drives is required. Please email bangelo@revisionenergy.com