Cleanup of contaminated soil along old rail corridor behind Wastewater Treatment Facility begins Monday, December 2nd

The cleanup of the PCB-contaminated soils along the riverfront behind the Wastewater Treatment Facility is scheduled to begin on Monday, December 2, 2019.  The City’s contractor, NRC East Environmental Services, estimates the work to be completed by Christmas. 

Part of the cleanup requires the contractor to use a vacuum excavator to safely dig  test pits to confirm the depth and location of the underground electric lines in this area.  The vactor equipment is noisy, and its use will be limited to only regular working hours.  A regular excavator will be used for  the main earthwork.  Approximately 18” of soil along a 130-foot stretch of the old rail corridor  will be excavated and trucked away. 

Onsite work is expected this work to be conducted on Monday 12/2 through Wednesday 12/4 on part of the target area.  There will be post-excavation confirmation sampling and then laboratory analysis which will pause the active excavation work for the rest of that week.  The second half of the area should then be addressed the Monday 12/9 through Wednesday 12/11 of the subsequent week, followed by confirmation sampling and lab analysis. 

Once the lab confirms the remaining soils are "clean", then the contractor will be able to backfill the excavated area and demobilize. 

All work will be supervised by the City’s Licensed Site Professional and staff.

This project is an important and necessary step as the City moves forward on completing the Clipper City Rail Trail and continuuing it behind the Wastewater Treatment Facility.