Plum Island Hydrant Replacement Project



All 145 fire hydrant assemblies on Plum Island and along Newburyport Turnpike are scheduled to be replaced.  In addition, 63 new water isolation valves will be installed to improve the functionality of the system. 

Below you will find the Plans and Specifications for the Plum Island Hydrant Replacement Project. 

Work is scheduled to begin mid-September and will continue into the summer of 2018.  Properties will experience minor disruption in water service while hydrants are replaced and improvements are made.  Construction hours will be from 7 am to 5 pm and residence on the island will experience temporary water shutdowns, detouring and road closures between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm.  Due to the limited width of the roadways on Plum Island, access to streets where work is being conducted will be limited or restricted during the day. 

A weekly water shutdown schedule will be posted each Friday afternoon for the following week's anticipated activities. Follow PROJECT UPDATES above. 

In addition, 24-hour notices will be distributed to each resident and business.  Zone shutdown signs will be in place daily. Yellow signs will placed on roads where the zone will be shutdown on the following day.  Red signs will be placed on roads where construction will take place that day.

To assist you in locating which Shutdown Zone your property is located in, we have included a Zone Map and an alphabetically listing of each known property and its corresponding Zone.  Further details regarding Zone Shutdowns and the map and listing may be found here Water Shutdown Zone Map and Listing.

    • Water & Sewer Business Office                (978) 465-4464 (8 am to 4 pm Monday - Friday)
    • Water Plant                                               (978) 465-4466 (after hours)
    • Diane Gagnon, Project Manager               (978) 465-4464 ext. 1711