Hale Street Pedestrian Improvements

Proposed typical section along Hale Street


The City of Newburyport is working collectively to improve public access and safety along Hale Street in efforts to connect the West End neighborhoods to the downtown area.  This 1.7 mile stretch from Low Street to Turkey Hill Road contains travel ways that range from 10.5' to 12.0' wide, varying shoulder widths, two short sections of sidewalk along the Squires Glenn and West End neighborhoods, and a bridge over Route 95.  There is access to the Gloria Braunhardt Little River Nature trail, which runs from Hale Street to Storey Avenue.  Stretches of the roadway are lined with drainage ditches and pockets of wetlands.

Current Project Status:

  • Public Meeting held on February 4, 2020 to discuss possible improvements for pedestrian access and gain public awareness of the desired project.  Engineering Division Presentation Slide show, Improving Public Access and Safety on Hale Street, is available here.

A listing of the work completed to date, most recent listed first:

  •  A public meeting was held March 29, 2018 to initiate dialogue with City Officials and residence to discuss options for improving pedestrian access.  A copy of the slideshow presented can be found here:  Hale Street Pedestrian Improvement Slideshow.