Tax Work-Off Programs

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Veteran and Senior Tax Work-Off Participants Help Keep Things Running at the COA and in Many Other Departments around Newburyport


The Senior Property Tax Work-Off Program and the Veterans Property Tax Work-Off Program place older Newburyport residents and veterans in jobs with city departments so that they have the opportunity to abate property taxes each year.  Tax Work-Off participants work in an array of positions requiring a variety of skills.  The program is administered by the Council on Aging in consultation with other departments.


Who May Participate?

According to Massachusetts General Law…

Participants in the Senior Tax Work-Off Program must be:

  • 60 or over
  • Eligible to receive the Massachusetts Circuit Breaker Rebate
  • The homeowner of record
  • A resident of Newburyport
  • Occupying the property for which Newburyport taxes are paid and rebate requested


Participants in the Veterans Tax Work-Off Program must be:

  • A veteran as defined by Massachusetts General Law
  • The homeowner of record
  • A resident of Newburyport
  • Occupying the property for which Newburyport taxes are paid and rebate requested


How Do I Apply?

  • Applications may be picked up at the Senior/Community Center or at City Hall.
  • Applications may be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link below:
  • Senior Tax Work-Off Application Packet
  • Veteran Tax Work-Off Application Packet
  • COMPLETED APPLICATIONS should be submitted in person to the Council on Aging for review. 
  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.


What Kind of Jobs Are Available?

Tax Work-Off Program participants complete a wide variety of tasks, including serving as receptionists at the Senior/Community Center and City Hall to assisting at the Recycling Center and much more.  All Newburyport Departments are asked to consider creating a position for these essential programs.


How Am I Compensated?

Participants can receive credit for up to 125 hours of work.  The abatement, which is credited in February of the following fiscal year, is calculated as follows:


Every year, the hours worked are reimbursed at the current hourly rate of Massachusetts Minimum Wage.  To receive an abatement, participants must  submit Log Sheets signed by their department supervisors to the Council on Aging, Senior/Community Center, 331 High St., Newburyport, MA  01950 by July 15th of the following fiscal year.


How Are Participants Matched with Departments?

Eligible applicants are matched with positions based on their skills and interests and the needs of the departments.  The program administrator and/or the potential department supervisor will meet with applicants to discuss what positions are available and to determine if it is a good match.


Will I Have to Pay Taxes on my Property Tax Abatement?

The abatement is considered to be income for federal (including Social Security and Medicare) but not state tax purposes.  Applicants should consult with their tax advisor to determine if it will affect the Massachusetts Circuit Breaker rebate.


Will the Property Tax Abatement Affect Other Benefits?

The abatement is not considered to be income for benefits such as SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) or LIHEAP (a.k.a. Fuel Assistance).


Can I Participate Even If I Have a Disability?

Absolutely!  Accommodations can be made for participants.


Is There a Way for Me to Qualify Even if I Am Unable to Complete the Tasks Myself?

Yes.  An approved designee may work on behalf of an eligible senior/veteran who is unable to perform the functions of any of the positions.